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Finding a balance between form and fuction is essential to designing buildings that can withstand the elements of time and appeal to evolving perspectives. At Locker Group, our priority is to develop products that process this balance.
Locker Group's architectural design team strives to integrate three concepts into our products: durability, variety and functionality. These principles enable us to develop multifaceted solutions that inspire architects' creative energies.

Fostering creativity

Whether our clients are looking to add facades to existing structures, use products made from certain metals or complete custom jobs to fit certain criteria, we're committed to accommodating their needs.

On a basic level, developers, architects and other professionals can choose from a wide variety of metals to make perforated facades, such as copper, aluminium and stainless steel. After selecting materials, these parties can submit orders for their facades to be power-coated, electro-plated or anodised.

From there, the metal can be shaped in whatever manner clients wish. We have the ability to manufacture customised folds, notches and a diverse range of other sheet designs.

We're not afraid to undertake custom jobs. In fact, our Pic-Perf product takes any image a client submits and recreates it through perforated metal.

Embodying flexibility

All too often, pre-made solutions provide designers with a limited scope of use and hamper their ability to add unique elements to buildings. Our developers are aware of this rigidity and have established products without boundaries.

One would assume that our wire mesh curtains can only be hung vertically. However, this multi-purpose product can be used to outfit balustrades on staircases, control sunlight over verandas and even provide security.

Establishing Atmosphere

With product versatility comes the opportunity to add character to a setting. Our wire mesh curtains, perforated facades and other products can be fashioned in ways that manipulate sunlight and airflow. The range of moods and emotions that these solutions can evoke are virtually endless.

This concept inspired us to establish the Atmosphere system, our latest contribution to the construction industry. This solution can be used to retrofit existing structures with folded perforated panels combined with tensioned stainless steel cables, creating facades that float from building envelopes.

Atmosphere is unique in that it not only allows sunlight to enter buildings but also prevents harsh glare from bothering building occupants. Clients can work with our teams to conceptualise one-of-a-kind designs.

The Locker Group difference

The way we approach product composition and client services was built on decades of experience assisting professionals in a range of industries.

With this foundation of knowledge, we've provided premium systems to architectural firms, construction companies, engineering departments, infrastructure agencies, mining corporations and a growing list of other parties.

Regardless of your architectural product needs, we'll meet your requirements. Our case studies attest to the commitment we put into helping professionals develop beautiful, reliable buildings with our solutions.

Our sales offices and manufacturing facilities are located throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, enabling us to accommodate architects based throughout the Asia-Pacific. We're excited by the prospect of working with professionals in this field. If you believe we can offer assistance, don't hesitate to speak with one of our representatives.